Fabio Mascherpa






Email: fabio.mascherpa[at]uni-ulm.de
Tel: +49-731-50-22916
Room O25/445
Institute for Theoretical Physics
Ulm University
Albert-Einstein Allee 11
D-89081 Ulm, Germany

My Research Interests

My current research focuses on error bounds on dynamical and statistical properties of open quantum systems with environmental spectra known up to a given error.
In the past, I have worked on a field-theoretical microscopic model for quantum transport of electronic excitations in macromolecules. My main areas of expertise are statistical mechanics, quantum and statistical field theory for both high- and low-energy physics and numerical methods for quantum many-body systems.
I am also very interested in fundamental aspects of quantum mechanics, from quantum information to entanglement, decoherence and the emergence of classicality

My Publications

Quantum Propagation of Electronic Excitations in Macromolecules: A Computationally Efficient Multi-Scale Approach
S. A. Beccara, F. Mascherpa, E. Schneider, and P. Faccioli
Phys. Rev. B. 94, 014306 (2016)|ArXiv

You can find here a link to my CV