Eating and Drinking

Local Guide to Eating and Drinking in Ulm
There is plenty on offer for having a nice meal in town.
For local Schwabian food, the best option is to head for the Fischerviertel, the old fisherman quarter, near the river Donau. Many places have areas to sit outside and the atmosphere is really nice. Most restaurants are reasonably priced and offer a good quality menu. Some suggestions:
Zur Forelle
Fischergasse 25
89073 Ulm, Deutschland
0731 63924
Weinhofberg 9
89073 Ulm, Deutschland
0731.69 49 8
Zunfthaus der Schiffleute Fischergasse 31 89073 Ulm
Restaurant “Zur Lochmühle” Gerbergasse 6 89073 Ulm
City Center
In the Market Place, you may try the
Marktplatz 1
89073 Ulm
Terrace is quite nice and the local food is good.
Brauhaus Barfüsser Restaurant Ulm Lautenberg 1 89073 Ulm
This is a favourite with many the group for a very informal meal and plenty of beer!
East of the city centre
Goldener Bock
Bockgasse 25 89073 Ulm, Germany 0731 92034-0
Schwabian with a twist and beyond the Fischerviertel
Auf dem Kreuz
Auf dem Kreuz 37, 89073 Ulm
0731 24418
Very good food in pleasant surrounding. This is one of the most beautiful neighbourhoods in Ulm. Nice to have a stroll after enjoying dinner.
Slightly north of the city center
A bit upmarket and for those longing for a fabulous steak (from Nebraska):
Restaurant Pflugmerzler
Pfluggasse 6 89073 Ulm
Mediterranean. The owners are Greek and fish is always fresh.
Platzgasse 20 89073 Ulm, Germany 0731 7083424
Herrenkellergasse 29 89073 Ulm, Germany 0731 4078614
Drei Kannen
Hafenbad 31/1 89073 Ulm, Germany 0731 67717
Typical schwabish food in a very relaxed atmosphere. This is a place we visit often and where the conference dinner will be held. There is an inner courtyard that can be delightful in summer if the whether is on our side.
Ulm has a large Italian community and the number and quality of the Italian restaurants is quite good. We can recommend
Da Franco
Neuer Graben 23 89073 Ulm, Germany 0731 30585
Mains are more pricey but pizzas and pasta dishes are affordable and of very high quality. In particular, pasta is always homemade and off the beaten track
Weinhofberg 7 89073 Ulm, Germany 0731 8801730
Located in the Fischerviertel, it offers nice outdoor space and good pizza and pasta.
For a relaxed French venue, try
Crêperie Kornhäusle Kornhausgasse 8 89073 Ulm
They have a cosy terrace weather permitting.
In one of Ulm’s nicest streets:
Café Brettle Rabengasse 10 89073 Ulm
For a very informal, relaxed meal and/or coffee and kuchen (cake). Marmorkuchen is worth trying. A particularly nice version is found at patisserie Traugle in the Munster Platz.
The Judenhof is a pleasant square for a meal alfresco
There you can find several places, including the popular L’Osteria
If you feel like something more “exotic”:
Kronengasse 6 89073 Ulm, Germany 0731 1405344
convenient located in the Market square and offering a panAsian menu.
Herdbruckerstrasse 18 89073 Ulm 0731/1525454
Panoramic views over the Donau. Very pleasant terrace to enjoy Mexican food.
Sushi Lounge Neue Straße 83 89073 Ulm
If you desperately want sushi. If not, better to wait for a QuEBS to be held in Kyoto …
And what to eat?
Below we list some local specialities that you should not miss.
A sort of large ravioli, with spinach filling. They are normally served with caramelized onion and speck (bacon). Really good and very typical indeed !
Zwiebelrostbraten, roast beef with caramelized onions and gravy sauce
generally served with Käsespätzle
forget about this if you are on a diet!
A very nice companion for meat, which many time is served with the rostbraten, are schupfnudeln, tiny dumplings made of potatoes and then fried in butter.
Also vey typical are the so called semmelknudels
Those are dumplings made of bread that can be served as a side dish or as a dish in itself with a mushroom sauce.
After a long day with plenty of talks, you may need a HaxenPfanne to recover…
A bit less substantial, the Schwabian answer to pizza is called Brotfladen or Brauerfladen
You should of course also try the local bread (bretzel)
And to get through so much food, there are lots of different types of local beer including Weizenbier or Weissbier (Kristallweizen, dunkles oder helles Hefeweizen)
Of course, you can also go for Kellerbier, Schwarzbier or a straight Pils or ….
For a selection of bars and pubs go to
For those preferring wine, we have several areas nearby producing very good wine
1.Tauberfranken, in the northeastern outskirts of the region and neighbouring Franconia. The wines are similar to the wines of Franconia, and are sold in the round Bocksbeutel bottle. 2. Badische Bergstrasse, the vineyards is a continuation of the small region Hessische Bergstrasse. This district is situated around the city of Heidelberg. 3. Kraichgau, just to the south of Badische Bergstrasse, and north-east of the city of Karlsruhe. 4. Ortenau, from Baden-Baden to just south of Offenburg is one of the more well-known districts. 5. Breisgau, from just south of Offenburg and to Freiburg. It has the highest average temperature and the number of sunshine hours of the region. 6. Kaiserstuhl, a cluster of hills of volcanic origin northwest of Freiburg with characteristic terraced vineyards. 7. Tuniberg is situated on flatter land just south of Kaiserstuhl and west of Freiburg. 8. Markgräflerland stretches from Freiburg to the Swiss border at Basel, and is known for its easy-drinking Gutedel wines. 9. Bodensee is situated in the southeastern outskirts of the region, on the northwestern shores of Lake Constance. Baden is known for its Pinot wines, both white and red,which account for more than half of Baden’s wine output. Riesling plays only a minor role. By far the most commonly cultivated single variety is Spätburgunder (Pinot Noir) with nearly forty percent of the total vineyard area. Muller-Thurgau, Pinot Gris, Riesling, Pinot Blanc, and Chasselas are the main white varieties cultivated, but none more widely than Muller-Thurgau. In Baden – like in Wuerttemberg – the wine industry is dominated by wine cooperatives; they account for 85% of the region’s production. This explains the low export share. (Source:
For your convenience the map below shows the relative position of some of the venues listed above. Note that the city centre of Ulm is rather compact and everything we have described is less that 10 min away from the Munster Platz (the Cathedral square)