Positioning nuclear spins in interacting clusters for quantum technologies and bioimaging

summary_PRB_93_174104 (003)In this paper we present a method to detect, locate, and control individual nuclei in interacting clusters by using a single nitrogen-vacancy (NV) center and external control provided by microwave and radio-frequency radiation. The method overcomes the inability of previous schemes to address individually spins that are interacting. It also does not suffer from serious technical drawbacks related to the reorientation of the external alignment field, which affects the NV readout and initialization and is time consuming in current laboratory setups. Detailed numerical simulations demonstrate the precision that our method can achieve by resolving 3D structures of nuclear spins in complex ensembles with Angstrom fidelity. With this information at hand, different applications that include quantum information processing using clusters of carbon-13 nuclei in diamond or identification of the stereoisomeric forms of molecules are available. Note that the former paves the way to exploit the exceptional properties of nuclear spins as solid-state quantum registers while, the latter, corresponds to a question that could previously be answered only when billions of these molecules were available.