Angelo Bassi and Dario Tamascelli are visiting the Institute

We have had two visitors from North Italy this week.

Angelo Bassi (University of Trieste), a specialist in the Foundations of Quantum Mechanics, gave a very nice seminar on collapse models, explaining the rational underpinning their formulation and the possibility to experimentally test for non linear corrections to the Schrodinger equation.     You can read recent proposals from Angelo and his group to use optomechanical systems for this purpose in in arXiv:1510.01696 and arXiv:1510.05791.


The talk was also a good opportunity to confirm the cult status of the Stefans’ cheese cake, which seems to be on its way to surpass the Quarkkuchen as the ITP signature seminar cake.


Dario Tamascelli (University of Milan), with whom we have several collaborative projects, also visited the Institute and gave a seminar on the exploitation of Bloch oscillations for excitation and quantum state transfer across linear chains. Dario has recently held a sabbatical in Ulm. Joint work has been reported in Phys. Rev. E 91, 063306 (2015) and we hope to be soon reporting on rather exciting results. Stay tuned!

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