Recent and not so recent moves

Recent and not so recent moves

Dr Shai Machnes has finished his contract in Ulm and took up a postdoctoral research position at the Chemical Physics Department of the Weizmann Institute of Science, in the group of David Tannor.  Shai gave a finishing lecture on the relation between coffee, alcohol consumption and scientific productivity to great acclaim.


Later we had a farewell where we enjoyed the largest Wiener Schnitzels north of the Danube.



Brave individuals, like Robert and Felipe, managed to finish the whole portion (check the photo to appreciate the magnitude of their achievement), but fortunately for the rest, there was also the possibility to ask for doggy bags!

We will miss Shai’s good humour and sharpness and wish him the best for his return to Israel.


Dr Javier Cerrillo joins MIT

Last spring Javier Cerrillo successfully finished his PhD and had his viva at Imperial College London.  He is now in Boston, after having joined the group of Prof. Jianshu Cao ( to focus on themes related to energy transfer in photosynthetic systems, a topic where we are also actively working. Our Institute is linked with Jianshu’s group via a MIT-Germany Seed Fund grant and we expect to visit Javi at MIT in 2013.