SFB Graduate School. Blaubeuren 2012

Every year the SFB project on Correlated Quantum Matter (CO.CO.MAT) that includes the Universities of Stuttgart, Ulm and Tübingen (see http://www.physik.uni-stuttgart.de/TR21/en/) organizes a Graduate School at the Heinrich-Fabri-Institut in Blaubeuren. This year the scientific program was coordinated by Tommaso Calarco and Susana Huelga and focused on Quantum Communication and Quantum Metrology. We had a stellar panel of speakers, with tutorial lectures by Nicolas Gisin, Philippe Grangier, John Rarity and Carlton Caves, all of whom contributed with pioneering work to the field of quantum information science.


















The most beautiful slide was not from the lecturers but from Philipp Neumann, working under the supervision of Fedor Jelezko and Jörg Wrachtrup, who was awarded a distinction for the best PhD thesis within the project that was defended this year. Congratulations to Philipp!