CV – Alex Retzker

Personal Information

Department:      Institute Theoretische Physik, Universiaet Ulm

Appointment:    Permanent position – Academic co-worker


Higher Education

2009  –               Permanent position in Theoretische Physik Universit ̈at Ulm.

2007 – 2009      EPSRC postdoctoral fellowship for theoretical studies(3 years)      aaaaaaaaaaaaa at Imperial College on ‘Study of Quantum Fields and entanglement aaaaaaaaaaaaaa using dilute quantum gases’.

2006 – 2007     Postdoctoral studies at Imperial College.

2002 – 2006    Doctoral Studies in Physics at the school of Physics and aaaaaaaaaaaaaAstronomy at Tel Aviv University. Thesis on ’Quantum aaaaaaaaaaaaaInformation, Entanglement in Many Body Systems’.

1999 – 2001    M.Sc in Physics at the Technion.

1995 – 1998    B.Sc in Physics at Tel Aviv University with distinction.